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Free Energy Generator Neodymium magnets

This engine runs on free energy neodymium magnets and electromagnets, the free energy engine is not connected to a car battery, not connected to the mains. This engine is not perpetual montion why neodymium magnets are depleted in 50 years. This magnetic generator generates green energy, boundless energy. With the free energy can power a light bulb, free energy light bulb.
The free energy is inexhaustible, is perpetual, but solar panels, windmills or wind energy is not free, because these machines are not cheap, and it takes a lot of money to buy windmills, and maintaining windmills, or maintenance of solar panels, you have to be an entrepreneur, or broker, or like today is very fashionable to invest in the stock market, or perhaps invest in forex, and most likely lose all the money .

Solar energy generates energy from the sun, that is, solar power.
But if you ask the solar panels cost, you will see that these artifacts are very expensive

The best is the free energy, these free energy machines can be built with scrap or parts of cars, televisions parts, disposable electronic parts, very economical things.

The oil loses its value, which is highly polluting, and the only thing worth much is the free energy.


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